kelly rafferty



The Van Life: Prepare to Break Down

The “van life” promises freedom from the daily grind, but is it just man-children running away from the real world?  In this smart comedy, two feminist grad students — Georgie, a hyper-competent straight white anthropologist, and Nicole, a queer half-Iranian Muslim sociologist — infiltrate a group of obsessed VW vanagon-owners.  They’re on a quest to complicate van life mythology, but they have to learn some hard truths about themselves along the way.

Think Thelma and Louise plus camper vans minus suicide.

Co-Written by Kelly Rafferty and Whitney Greer.  Directed by Suzan Satterfield.  Produced by Whitney Greer, Kelly Rafferty, Suzan Satterfield, and Alfie Turnshek.

The Stay Up Late Show

A TV talk show for 3rd-6th graders who have problems to solve and want to rock out while they do it. It’s social-emotional learning with stand up comedy and a killer house band. (Or The Tonight Show + Oprah + Pee Wee’s Playhouse. ) Created by Kelly Rafferty in collaboration with Joseph Savage, co-founder of Soul Shoppe. In development.