kelly rafferty



As a director, improvisor, and performance artist, Kelly uses humor and movement to explore the ways in which people struggle to connect with and care for one another across difference. Her work is fueled by the earnest catchiness of pop music, the tales, toys, and shame of childhood, and all of the other ugly, hilarious vulnerability that we’d rather keep locked away.

The stakes are always high in her visually striking hyper-realities. Actors explode – physically and emotionally – out into the world. The audience is never safe. Someone will end up in his or her underpants. But all of the awkwardness isn’t for nothing. There’s political power in investigating our ugly pasts, our entanglements in popular consumer culture, and our possible futures.

Recent stage adventures include performances in Collaboraction Theater’s 13th Annual Sketchbook Festival, Other Dancers at the Berkeley Art Museum, and Lit Lounge at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. For upcoming performances, check the events page.

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