thick & thin


Kelly has recently starved and over-exercised her way to success. Ph.D.? Check. Dream job? Check. Brilliant, attractive partner? Check. But the jig is up. Kelly is suddenly very sick and trying her husband’s patience. Things have to change, but how, exactly, do you stop having an eating disorder? Apparently Kelly’s recovery has little to do with food and everything to do with facing fatphobia, infidelity, and the ghost of Tony Robbins.

the marsh theater
wednesday, june 13th

tickets available here

1062 valencia street san francisco

photo: shawna jones




good company // solo sundays // july 9, 2017


I’m coming back to Solo Sundays to share a new piece called Good Company.

  • Kelly walks into a bar.  She sits down, orders a cocktail, and tries to ignore the women who are now staring and whispering.  Why does this always happen?  Is it the outfit?  The face?  Should she say something this time?


Layout 1

Sunday, July 9th @ 7pm
Stage Werx Theatre
16th + Valencia

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new solo short // phoenix theatre // june 20, 2017


Come see me work out a new solo piece at the Phoenix Theatre in San Francisco.  I’m still writing it, but it’s shaping up to be something like –

How to recover from an eating disorder without appropriating indigenous cultures, doing a bunch of transphobic essentializing, and being hella lonely.

I’m sharing the bill with four other hilarious humans.  You’ll love them.  Tickets are selling quickly, so snag yours now.  You can get them here.