fictional body parts // solo sundays @ stage werx // june 12, 2016



I’m coming back to Solo Sundays @ Stage Werx!  This time I’m performing Fictional Body Parts

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Kelly would rather be at home under a pile of blankets, criticizing her disgusting body in peace. Instead, she showed up for work. At the gym. With all the mirrors. And the skinny housewives. Is this the day the personal training clients finally ask why she got so fat? Is this the day they turn on her?


puberty 2.0 // solo sundays @ stage werx // january 24, 2016



With the rest of the family at a minor league ball game, Kelly and Danny (the high school boyfriend) had the house to themselves for hours. Until they didn’t. He was on top of her when they heard the basement door open. Footsteps on the stairs. Kelly’s mom appeared, inexplicably sputtering and clapping. But this surprise was not the most awkward thing to happen that week.

Solo Sundays, January 24th, 2016, 7:00pm @ Stage Werx