at the end, there’s pastries @ stage werx // june 21, 2015


Kelly’s writing a new solo show about fat, food, and failure.  She’s performing a 15-minute excerpt on Sunday, June 21st at Stage Werx in the Mission as part of the Solo Performance Workshop Showcase.

You can come!  If you want to.
Can’t decide?  Take this helpful quiz:

  1. Are you a person with a body? Yes  No
  2. Are you a person who has watched one or two or seven infomercials all the way from beginning to end? Yes  No
  3. Are you a person who is composed mostly of shame, anxiety, and a small handful of almonds? Yes  No

If you answered any of these questions, this show is for you.

But wait, there’s more!  Kelly’s sharing the bill with five wildly talented writers and storytellers, so if I leave a little something to be desired, you can get it elsewhere:

  1. Noelle Brassey – Susan Flemming – Julie Gieseke – Kendra Owens – Roxy Schoenfeld
Get your tickets right here.  These shows tend to sell out, so get your seat before they’re gone!